"Rei diversae": some images or sketches of interesting material I recently saw

New spider genus from Pretoria, habitus

Messapus martini Simon: palp and epigyne

Titiotes californicus Simon: epigyne

Thysanina serica Simon: male and female

Coryssiphus unicolor Simon: epigyne

Apostenus rutilius Simon: epigyne

Coryssiphus praeusta Simon: palp

Unknown liocranid (?) from Greece

Unknown South African lycosid

 New spider genus from Rietondale Research Station, Pretoria. Annette van den Berg leg. November 26, 1988.

Types from MNHN:

Messapus martini Simon, 1898 (MNHN holotype)

Titiotus californicus Simon, 1897 (MNHN holotype)

Epigyne of female syntype from the

Zoological Museum of Berlin,

drawn by Martín Ramírez

Thysanina serica Simon, 1910 (MNHN holotype)

Thysanina serica Simon, 1910 (ZMB syntype)

Apostenus rutilius Simon, 1896 (MNHN holotype)

Coryssiphus unicolor Simon, 1903 (MNHN holotype)

Has anyone seen this animal before?

(Total length 6 mm)

Coryssiphus praeusta Simon, 1903 (MNHN holotype)

Unknown liocranid (?) from Greece

Anyone knows the lycosid below? I captured several specimens in Embuleni Reserve, Mpumalanga province, South Africa, in March 2001. They are small animals (4-5 mm long) with surprisingly large eyes. Contact me if you have an idea what they might be.

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