Myxomycetes is an old love from 1983, revived in 2002...

 Cleverly disguised as Linnaeus, with Hemitrichia serpula

Stemonitis fusca

Hemitrichia serpula

Stemonitis fusca, microscopy

Hemitrichia serpula from Papua New Guinea

Physarum viride or Physarum flavicomum

Stemonaria fuscoides

Physarum cfr. viride (somewhat flavicomum-like) from Catalunya

Stemonaria fuscoides from Catalunya

Nannenga-Bremekamp collection, Stemonitidaceae

Nannenga-Bremekamp collection, Physarum cfr. vernum

The Nannega-Bremekamp collection in BR. Middle row, left: typus of Stemonaria rufipes; middle row, right: typus of Stemonitis rhizoideipes.

Myxomycetologists are constantly looking for suitable boxes. I especially like this specimen box from the Nannega-Bremekamp collection (BR).